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The company is focused on producing custom written essays, thesis and dissertation writing coursework assignments and any other written assignment known to man. The administration is great in communicating with me as a writer. My messages are responded almost instantly and when I am urgently required I receive SMS notifications. The company's support is always friendly and pleasant.

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Article Writer Job

To become an article writer one has to develop or already possess a creative mind. This is very essential in this line of work because thinking of what to write is often difficult. Once article writers start to write, the choice of words and word arrangement does not usually come in instruction manuals or other pre-made guides such as a cookie cutter set of words. Thus, bland and plain writing might not garner attention from readers.

An article writer has to be interested in many things as well because it will make the task of writing easy. This also helps an article writer be knowledgeable about various topics. This is important because article writers need to know what they are talking about because this will establish their credibility in a particular subject area. Article writers have to be prepared to do thorough research on topics that they want to write about but are not familiar with.

Furthermore, article writers tend to be opinionated. This is because they usually offer their own opinion, advice and solution regarding problems or difficulty that people have. Thus, article writing usually starts with a title such as: How to or Tips on. Articles like these are widely read by people. This is because people have an inclination to turn anything about them. Thus, while reading something at the back of their minds they will think how the article relates or is beneficial to them.

It is also important for article writers to be brief and straight to the point in their discourse because articles should consist of about 300 words. The reason is articles that are too long bore people and if it they are too short, it may neglect some vital information.

Available orders

Topic Time Remaining Page/$Cost
speech 2d 19h 49m 1/$3.50
Importance of interview- Marriage and family counseling 3d 19h 40m 1/$2.50
Experience of Making a PSA 9d 11h 28m 5/$17.50
Molecular cloning of GFP gene into pBCKS vector 3d 19h 19m 4/$16.80
Molecular cloning of GFP gene into pBCKS vector 3d 19h 19m 4/$16.80

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