FAQs You may Want to Know

1. How can I apply for a freelance writer position?
Online application form is available by clicking on Sign up tab on website main page. You will be asked to fill out the required fields, take short grammar and writing tests and submit the results for our review. An email will be dispatched to your registered email address letting you know of the results of your application.
2. What are the application criteria?
You should love what you do, graduate from a university or have at least Bachelor’s Degree, know your subject well and be ready to learn something new.
3. Will I be considered for work within my area of knowledge?
Sure! We need specialist in all areas. You will be able to find assignments that suit your interest and area of expertise.
4. In what place can I undertake the work you provide?
We employ writers from all places around the world. You are able to work from any place provided you have access to the Internet and necessary research materials.
5. What type of work do you provide?
We have different sorts of work which will fit in with your area of knowledge. You may start with easy proofreading or editing and continue with an interesting research work etc.
6. What will be the payment for y work?
Compensation will rest on specific needs of the assignment, such as number of words, urgency, educational level etc.
7. How can I get paid?
The company offers the following payment options for freelancers from all over the world: Skrill, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. You are to choose the method/s that is/are the most convenient and available in your country. PayPal details can be added per request as the option was temporarily removed from account settings. Please contact the Billing Department if PayPal is your preferable payment method.
8. Where will I access the new orders?
When new assignment is ordered it appears on ‘Available orders’ part of your personal account.
9. How do I send the completed work to the customer?
Once you have finished the assignment and have ensured it fits the requirements you should upload the file as a Word document (or sometimes pptx) directly from the order page area.
10. What if the file is cumbersome? How can I upload it?
Sometimes your file may exceed 1 Mb and the system may decline your upload. Then you are able to send the completed work via email to our email address.
11. Can I work on similar assignments?
Yes, you can, but only if you provide 100% certainty the work will be original. If we find any similarity in your work the client will receive a full refund and the compensation will not be provided.
12. How often do you provide work?
It depends on specific time of the year and subject area you are qualified in. Also, if the work you turned out is of poor standard we will have no choice but limit your access to specific assignments and give them to other writers to complete. Normally, the better you write the more variety of choice you have.
13. What standard should I follow when I write for you?
All the writing should contain relevant referencing and required level. You should meet the requirements provided in the order description and ensure proper proofread.
14. How do I know the work I have done matches the required standard?
We have our own quality control team whose task is to ensure your writing fits the required criteria. They will also provide a feedback if your work did not match the standard for you to understand your weak points and make certain adjustments in the future.
15. How do you check works for plagiarism?
We have a plagiarism check procedure in the quality control department. Works are check for similarities by a plagiarism software to make sure the customer will receive an original piece of writing. You as a writer should correctly reference your work and be careful with the information you use while writing. Wikipedia is prohibited to use.
16. What are the consequences if I am late with the assignment?
WIt is crucial to submit the work by the due date. If you complete the work late you will suffer a penalty. If you haven’t informed us in advance about the difficulties you experience we will have to remove your profile from our database. Late reassign request usually puts the order under risk and results in a penalty.
17. How much time am I given to work on the assignment?
Assignments are ranged from urgent to ones with few weeks or even months to finish. The more urgent the order is the better rate of pay will be offered. You should be careful with the deadline. Late works might not be accepted or result in a penalty.
18. How many assignments can I prepare at a time?
Usually it is better to start writing another assignment when you are done with the previous one, however, due to different deadlines you may accept more works to work at a time. The more experienced you are the more assignments you will be allowed to take.
19. What if I would like to add more subjects to my area of expertise to work on?
If you have more subjects related to your degree subject we will add this info to your account. Just send us a message with your request.
20. Is my personal information secure?
Yes. The information is stored on your profile and used solely for profile verification purposes.