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Reviewed by Kibue, Kenya

on May 26.

I am personally grand to be a member of freelancercareers. The main reason is the company's support team have the writer's concern at heart and attends to all issues. This has made the working experience free from stress.

Rating: 5

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Registration Process

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What is is recognized as one of the most credible online writing services that is trusted for providing its clientele with excellent papers of different kinds and subjects. The company tenders countless opportunities to its professionals to develop their abilities and foster their competences in order to attain growth.

What is's mission?
The company aims to have a productive working relationship with its writers besides constant development in their level of expertise and persistent provision of superior productivity.
The company's principle on total transparency establishes its business to every writer who is eager to become a part of whole writing service course.

What are the qualifications needed to be part of
The writer is encouraged to apply if:
- He or she enjoys academic, creative, technical writing or journalism
- He or she has Bachelor, Master, or PhD degree
- He or she is computer-literate and has stable Internet connection
- He or she is responsible and capable of meeting deadlines
- He or she has pertinent writing experience

What are the perks of working with
- The company offers inexpensive writing prices in the business reaching up to $30/page
- The company recognizes excellent writers in terms of performance by granting them with regular bonuses
- Since the company is known to have a reputable online writing service, it has an extensive number of orders obtainable in various academic levels and subject areas
- As the company looks after its writers, their personal account and the company’s own support department are available 24 hours a day, 7 a days a week.
- The company has an expedient messaging system and online chat rooms. The support team is reachable through those ways and means and via phone call if the writers come across any problem regarding their orders.

What writers are given priority during the Sign Up process?
The company regards the writers' skills and expertise with value. Upon checking their applications, the HR Department chooses applicants who:
- got outstanding test results
- successfully submitted a logical, well-structured, and personalized essay on the requisite subject
- uploaded their writing samples, resumes, and diplomas/certificates (highly-recommended)
- have expertise in technical, science areas, or rare subjects

What are the responsibilities expected of writers?
The writers must present the clients with first-rate and plagiarism-free product, submitted to the specified deadline.

What types of writing jobs are available?
The work entails research, writing, presentations, proofreading and editing.
The writers receive numerous orders on a wide range of diverse topics daily. They may opt to work on topics that interest them or they can only write in their subjects of expertise. As the writers develop their writing level, they get to acquire access to various sorts of order and enjoy the chance of obtaining above average earnings.

Can I still apply even if I have a full-time job?
Absolutely. The company has freelance writing positions. As long as the writer has time, he or she can take several orders. A lot of of the company's present writers, that include parents, teachers, economists and lawyers among others, are involved in daily personal activities and work duties. By way of this freelance deal, the writer can simply take orders in his or her subject of expertise, broaden his or her capability, and earn extra income.

Is there a certain number of order requirements every month? The writers decide on their own amount of work. They are allowed to accomplish as much or as little work as they want. But the writers should bear in mind that they will earn more if they will work more. There are writers who choose to take a lot of orders during peak months and then take a short leave. Others are fixed in the quantity of work they undertake on a weekly/monthly basis. It all rests on to the writers’ predilection as they create their own work schedule depending on their time, wants, and needs.


How much am I paid every month?
The compensation exclusively depends on the writer's quantity and quality of work. Generally, the writers make $700-800 per month. Take note that urgent and difficult orders are more costly hence offer higher figures.

What is the payment scheme implemented by
All compensations are sorted out twice a month; on 1-3rd and 15-18th every month.
If the writer submitted the product between 1-14th each month, his or her payment will be scheduled for 1-3rd payroll of the ensuing month and if he or she submitted the product between 15-31st each month, his or her payment will be scheduled for 15-18th payroll of the subsequent month.

What are the payment methods available in my country?
Presently, the company takes the following systems of payment (definite availability depends on the writer’s location and preferences):
- Skrill
- PayPal
- AlertPay
- Wire (Bank) Transfer/Deposit
Please contact the support team through phone call or Live Chat or writers may direct their inquiry through email for more information on which payment method is most suitable for them.

Registration Process

What is the application process in your Company?
To become part of the team, the writer has to undergo the following steps:
Step 1:Fill out the online Sign Up Form;
Step 2: Pass the online test;
Step 3: Wait for the approval of the HR department after submitting all the required information.
Please be reminded that it usually takes 2-3 weeks before one can be approved.
The writer will be informed through email on the result of the registration procedure and if the application has been reviewed. After 3 weeks and still the writer has not received any email from our HR department, the company would like them to send a follow-up email.

What is the next step after approval?
An email enclosing the login ID and password details will be sent to the writer. Once the writer receives it, he or she can enter his or her account and review the company's Writing Guide and System Guide. Available orders are immediately visible to the writer and he or she can now begin to take orders based on his or her proficiency.
The system is very understandable. But if the writers come across any trouble, they can reach the company’s support representatives who can give them full assistance at any time of the day.

Security and Privacy

How is my personal information and e-mail used?
The company assures safekeeping of the writers' personal information by protecting it in its database. The writers' personal information is not available to clients since the company values their protection.

Other opportunities

Does offer some bonuses or extras?
Certainly. The company has great bonus schemes in order to hold the interest and drive of the writers. Upon approval of their application in the company, the writers can always request for bonuses or extras to the support representatives or HR department.