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When it comes to the online employment scene, very few classes of employment better exemplify the revolutionizing power of the internet more than writing jobs. Journalists, essayists, poets, copywriters, humorists, and all others can find ample opportunities to be paid for their brainchildren over the World Wide Web. Pitching your own work is fine and dandy, but there is much more in the way of specific jobs to be completed by competent keyboard monkeys like yourself.

There are hundreds of thousands of writers for hire out there, just like you. There is also a limited number of writing jobs online, which means a lot of people are going to end up losing out, aren’t they? So, what is the secret to putting yourself on top of the heap and keeping the rest of the rats in the race from gobbling up your cheese? You need to find a way to say things like nobody else. A distinct written voice has been the mainstay for countless successful writing careers. Writing jobs, online or otherwise, can be very rewarding both monetarily and personally. What better way to put that “useless” education to work for you. There are more rings to put on your fingers than merely the brass ones. Several agencies and independents are looking desperately for the right writers for hire. Could you be the one they’re looking for?

Freelancercareers.org is a great place to find all kinds of writing jobs online, and cuts the risk factor significantly. Make your mark immediately and get a hold of us as soon as possible!

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5 Star Rating: Recommended

Expert in: Business, Economics, Chemistry, Biology

Reviewed by Whitney, UK

on April 17.

The company pays promptly after two weeks providing the writer with a reliable flow of cash. The company never lacks orders even during the low seasons. I have all reasons to stick with Freelancer Careers as my full time employer for as long as I can write. Thank you guys!

Rating: 5

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